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Ehrman - Beautiful tapestries for everyone

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Did you know that tapestry holds a special place in our crafting hearts here at Morris and Sons? It all stems from Mrs. Morris, the crafting maestro herself. Tapestry is her absolute favourite, and it's where the roots of our whole business began.

Mrs Morris Tapestry from early days

Mrs Morris when the store was called Tapestry Craft.

So, when we received a much-anticipated Ehrman delivery containing our favourite designs this week, there was a lot of excitement amongst the team.

I thought it was the perfect time to introduce you to this wonderful craft.

Like Morris and Sons, Ehrman is a family business that kicked off in 1978 as a craft store in London. They cleverly teamed up with textile students from The Royal College of Art and Central St Martins, one of whom turned out to be Kaffe Fassett! He suggested they dive into needlepoint kits.

The rest is history; since 1996, they've been all about tapestries.

What makes Ehrman so special is that it is still a small business, keeping things personal and putting the spotlight on their designers. They are all about creating the most unique and beautiful designs by commissioning designers such as Kaffe Fassett, Candace Bahouth, Raymond Honeyman, Janet Haigh, Maggie Hollingworth, and Alex Beattie, to name a few.


Kaffe Fassett. Tapestry designer

Kaffe Fassett, an Ehrman designer and lover of colour.

When you first open your Ehrman kit, you will have everything you need inside, including a printed cotton canvas, a high-res color chart, a size 18 tapestry needle, and all the pre-cut tapestry wool to ready, set, stitch!

The reason Ehrman designs are so rich is because of the wool; it's 100% pure new wool, dyed with love in Yorkshire or Scotland. They've got an unbelievable 350 shades, adding serious depth and nuance to your creations. The canvas is 100% cotton and printed with a full-colour image in England.

Plus, there's a handy chart for those moments when you need to double-check your shades.


Kaffe designing and sampling

Kaffe Fassett, designing and sampling

Now, if you're thinking a whole tapestry sounds like a challenge, do not worry! Ehrman keeps it simple with the continental tent stitch. It's a one-stitch wonder, making it accessible for both beginners and seasoned crafters. And trust me, the repetitive stitching is like a therapy session – so meditative and relaxing.

Think painting by numbers but better!

Kaffe Fassett says, "Needlepoint is like a meditation. It’s both rhythmic and constructive, and at the end of the day, you have something lovely – a pillow for the couch or a hanging for the wall.”

Mrs Morris making up cushions

Mrs Morris still enjoys making up cushions for customers from their finished tapestries.

We would love to hear what your favourites are from our range.

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  • Posted on by Sue

    I live in Mudgee NSW and love doing needle point. My question is, I would like to buy a cushion kit and was wondering if you are still sewing up the finished product. If so can you give me an idea of how much it would cost and would you be willing to return by post

    Regards Sue

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