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Clover Amour Crochet Hook Set
Amour Crochet Hooks have signature handles in vibrant colours for easy size identification. The crochet hook handle is made from elastomer rubber, making crocheting comfortable and stress free. This set includes 9 crochet hooks in sizes: 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm,...
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Clover Amour Steel Crochet Hook Set (0.60 - 1.75mm)
This set of Amour Steel hooks with pastel coloured ergonomic handles is sure to delight the avid crafter. The hooks are designed to prevent thread from slipping, so picking up and pulling through of stitches is easier. Beautiful even stitches...
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Knit Pro Symfonie Crochet Hook Set
A set of 5 single ended Symfonie crochet hooks come packaged in a clear vinyl case. Set specially designed for the discerning crocheters that includes most popular crochet sizes. All hooks have grooves that prevent stitch slippage. Warm to the...
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Knit Pro Symfonie Rose Crochet Hook Set
Box set of 8 single ended densified laminated Symfonie Rose crochet hooks embellished with Swarovski crystals.This set includes crochet hooks in the following sizes: 3.50mm 4.00mm 4.50mm 5.00mm 5.50mm 6.00mm 7.00mm 8.00mm
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Knit Pro Waves Crochet Hook Set
A collection of single ended crochet hooks in 9 colour-coded sizes. These have sturdy yet very soft grip. Thoughtfully packed sets of most frequently used sizes in a faux leather case.This set includes crochet hooks in the following sizes: 2.00mm...
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