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Clover Yarn Threader 3142
Thread darning needles easily. This plate-like solid threader with a large hole is very convenient when using threads that are difficult to thread, such as multi-ply or fancy yarn.
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Clover Embroidery Threader 8611
Threader specially designed for large-eye embroidery needles. Embroidery Threader has a “Flat tip” for easy and smooth threading even with thick threads.
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Yarn Threader 2 pack
Needle threader suitable for use with large-eye needles such as wool needles or tapestry needles.
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Prym Birdy Needle Threader
This Birdy needle threader from the Prym Love range is a real winner both for beginners and professional sewing fans. It's recessed grip gives you a secure hold while threading the needle, and the transparent plastic hinged cover offers added...
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Clover Double Needle Threader 462/NV
Thread both large-sized and small-sized needles. Thoughtfully designed for easy and efficient use with hand sewing or machine sewing needles. Suitable for most sewing needles, but not for beading needles. 
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