Fixed Circular Knitting Needles – Morris & Sons Australia
Knit Pro Nova Metal Fixed Circular Needles
Special 25 cm size for knitting tiny projects with speed Ideal for knitting toys, doll clothes and tiny accessories This range of fixed circular needles covers the smaller and shorter needle sizes that do not appear under the Interchangeable product...
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Knit Pro Basix Birch Fixed Circular Needles
Basix needles are made from lightweight but strong birch wood. The handsome natural birch colour makes them as easy on the eye as they are on the hand. These needles are perfect for all knitters, from beginner to experienced and...
from $10.90
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Knit Pro Symfonie Wood Fixed Circular Needles
Symfonie fixed circular needles come in a full variety of lengths and sizes for all knit-in-the-round projects. They are perfect for a wide range of knitting projects, from small to large. The laminated coloured birchwood is a delight to the eyes,...
from $12.65
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Knit Pro Zing Fixed Circular Needles
Zing fixed circular needles are manufactured in superior grade lightweight aluminium that provides a smooth glide for all yarns. The points are flawlessly tapered and ideal for all type of yarns and every project.Sizes are clearly laser printed and colour...
from $12.90
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