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  • Cushion Assembly

    Cushion Assembly

    After many peaceful hours of stitching a tapestry, you will want to display your work proudly, in the best way possible. We believe that turning your finished masterpieces into cushions is one of the best ways and offer a cushion assembly service to make sure your needlework is beautifully shown off. It’s amazing how a flat tapestry can be transformed into a stunning three-dimensional cushion....
  • Knitting Lingo

    At the beginning or end of knitting patterns there is always an abbreviation section, telling you the meaning of terms used in the pattern such as ssk (slip, slip, knit) or k2tog (knit two together) but knitting enthusiasts have a whole other language of terms you might overhear that aren’t clearly defined in patterns. Here is a little story to show you how these...
  • To Swatch or Not to Swatch?

    To Swatch or Not to Swatch?

    This article will help inform you of the reasons to knit a swatch and teach you how to knit one as well as how to modify your tension if it isn’t quite as “perfect” as you had hoped.
  • Socktober 2021

    Socktober 2021

    Throughout October, post your sock creations on Instagram to be entered into a prize draw! Socks are a great project for TV and on the go knitting. With vibrant yarn and simple patterns the possibilities are endless. You can shop sock yarn here or visit our blog here for loads of helpful articles along with patterns for socks. Tag @morrisandsons on your image and use the hashtag #MorrisSocktober...
  • Why Block?- Morris Masterclass Series

    Why Block?- Morris Masterclass Series

    Blocking can really be the difference between an amateur handmade item and something that looks professionally made. We are going to explore what is blocking, when to block your finished items, and two different methods of blocking: wet and steam. 
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