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Have you met ARNE & CARLOS? The Dynamic Nordic Knitting Duo

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RNE & CARLOS wearing their Nordic knitting jumpers

(l-r) Arne & Carlos.

Enchanting Nordic Knits!

The holiday season is incomplete without the whimsical creations of beloved Nordic Knitters, ARNE & CARLOS.

Renowned for infusing Scandinavian craft heritage with quirky humour, their designs marry timeless craftsmanship with a nerdy touch.

During lockdown, I stumbled upon their engaging YouTube chats, turning lunch breaks into delightful knitting interludes. ARNE & CARLOS Norwegian Patterns effortlessly won my heart, mirroring the global sentiment of thousands of followers.

Through YouTube, they graciously invite us into their world, sharing personal and knitting adventures. Their open and friendly chats transcend geographical boundaries, spreading Scandinavian craft joy worldwide.

**Picture me, sweating on a hot Aussie summer day, dreaming of a Northern Hemisphere winter, watching woolly delights created around a cozy, candle-lit table in Norway!**

Global Rockstars

ARNE & CARLOS aren't just knitting influencers; they're rockstars with an international cult following. Their striking patterns, inspired by Scandinavian heritage, have captivated knitters globally. From collaborations with international brands to their Knitting under the Aurora Borealis experience, their influence extends far beyond the knitting community.

Whether you adore homewares or Scandi jumpers, they have irresistible projects! 

Knitting homewares   Unisex accessories and jumper patterns



A perfect combo! The collaboration combines Rowan's luxurious fibers with Nordic inspiration. From cozy sweaters to accessories, each piece tells a story of warmth and style.

Rowan’s Norwegian Wool: by happy free-roaming Norwegian sheep, this 100% wool yarn offers eco-friendly, animal-friendly fibers. With a curated palette by ARNE & CARLOS, it seamlessly blends modern trends with traditional Norwegian patterns.

Their Inspiration and Love of Crafting

In a trend-driven world, ARNE & CARLOS stay true to their vision, designing for those who share their love for handcrafted beauty. Their mantra is clear: "You don't need to design for those who don't love it; just work for those who do."

Arne emphasises the importance of looking ahead, staying motivated to evolve and innovate. He is hugely inspired by Norwegian heritage and has spoken of how he  transformed vintage sweater-jackets knitted by his grandmother, giving them a modern touch for today's fashion. This involved extracting certain graphic designs, resizing them, simplifying some, or rearranging their placement.

Carlos advises to be confident, trust instincts, and find a unique point of view, he considers them to be lucky to reside in a country where nearly everyone embraces the tradition of wearing folk costumes on various occasions. "Folk costumes are versatile, suitable for weddings, royal meetings, or any special event," Carlos expressed. "In Norway, our crafting traditions thrive, and folk costumes, originating from different regions, offer a rich variety of designs. We can even refer to an archive of designs for inspiration."

Follow ARNE & CARLOS on their knitting journey or join them on a Knit Lovers Cruise of Norway on their website.

Get some Norwegian Patterns in your life!

Pick your favourite knitting pattern; mine is the unisex Erle Norwegian sweater pattern.

Perfect for starting now, preparing for Aussie Winter in July.

Happy Crafting!
Lorraine x

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  • Posted on by Gail Terenyi

    Love listening to their Sit & Knit for a Bit now on Sundays, such a happy engaging couple sharing their crafting life & travels, so inspiring.

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