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  • Ehrman - Beautiful tapestries for everyone

    Ehrman - Beautiful tapestries for everyone

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    When you first open your Ehrman kit, you will have everything you need inside, including a printed cotton canvas, a high-res color chart, a size 18 tapestry needle, and all the pre-cut tapestry wool to ready, set, stitch!
  • Ehrman Tapestry Kits

    Ehrman Tapestry Kits

    Click here for the Belle Epoch Cushion Kit pictured above   Tapestry holds a special place at Morris & Sons as it is the absolute favourite of Mrs Morris and where the roots of the business began. We have recently had a delivery of Ehrman Tapestry Kits, both some old favourites as well as many new beautiful designs, so we wanted to share with you more...
  • Cushion Assembly

    Cushion Assembly

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    After many peaceful hours of stitching a tapestry, you will want to display your work proudly, in the best way possible. We believe that turning your finished masterpieces into cushions is one of the best ways and offer a cushion assembly service to make sure your needlework is beautifully shown off. It’s amazing how a flat tapestry can be transformed into a stunning three-dimensional cushion....
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