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Cushion Assembly

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Mrs Morris sitting at her Singer sewing machine showing off a tapestry being transformed into a cushion

After many peaceful hours of stitching a tapestry, you will want to display your work proudly, in the best way possible. We believe that turning your finished masterpieces into cushions is one of the best ways and offer a cushion assembly service to make sure your needlework is beautifully shown off. It’s amazing how a flat tapestry can be transformed into a stunning three-dimensional cushion.

Mrs Morris’ passion has always been tapestry, so much so that Tapestry Craft was the original business name of the Morris & Sons we know today. In keeping with her passion, Mrs Morris continues to beautifully assemble cushions and turns needlework into heirlooms that can be cherished for generations to come. With over 40 years of experience, your tapestries are guaranteed to be handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

The process of turning your tapestry into a cushion begins with a careful examination of your needlework at home to double check no stray stitches have been missed. I know this sounds self-evident, but you wouldn’t believe how easy it is for your eyes to glance over a missed stitch and ‘fill it in’ for your brain. While the odd missed stitch can sometimes be fixed from threads on the back of your work it’s best if they can be fixed at home.

Next, your cushion assembly is quoted by a sales assistant either in store or via email if you are unable to come see us. All cushion enquires can be emailed to Simply email photos of your finished tapestry along with its measurements and we can begin to quote for the cushion.

We recommend all tapestries be blocked before they are sewn into cushions. Blocking will restore the work back to its original shape and assure the assembled cushion maintains its shape permanently. Some tapestries will also benefit from a cleaning which we will recommend, if necessary, after receiving your tapestry in person. Both blocking and cleaning of your tapestries are services we offer.


Now the real magic at the sewing machine begins. We provide fine velvet as the backing fabric and have a wide selection of colours to choose from. You can have your say on what colour fabric you would like or leave it up to Mrs Morris’ expert eye. If you would prefer to not use velvet you can supply a backing material of your choice. The edging of the cushion can be finished in either the same fabric as the backing or in a cording, perhaps with coordinating tassels. All these details will be discussed with you beforehand with examples shown of each type of finish available.  A zippered back allows for the inserts to be changed in the future, also for ease of cleaning if required.

Your cushion will then take around four weeks to be made, it is a labour of love and not a process that can be rushed. After your cushion is complete you can have it mailed directly to you or collect from one of our stores. You will not be disappointed when you first lay eyes on how your prized stitchwork has been transformed by a beautiful backing and edging.


Choose your Ehrman kit today and begin stitching your next masterpiece! 



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    I have completed a Christmas stocking (Shepherd Bush) that needs to be sewn together. I did take it elsewhere but sadly they have made a mess of it, so I am looking for someone else to redo this for me. What would be the cost for stitching this for me (I have cut everything out, including the lining and batting)?

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