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  • Ehrman - Beautiful tapestries for everyone

    Ehrman - Beautiful tapestries for everyone

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    When you first open your Ehrman kit, you will have everything you need inside, including a printed cotton canvas, a high-res color chart, a size 18 tapestry needle, and all the pre-cut tapestry wool to ready, set, stitch!
  • Ehrman Tapestry Kits

    Ehrman Tapestry Kits

    Click here for the Belle Epoch Cushion Kit pictured above   Tapestry holds a special place at Morris & Sons as it is the absolute favourite of Mrs Morris and where the roots of the business began. We have recently had a delivery of Ehrman Tapestry Kits, both some old favourites as well as many new beautiful designs, so we wanted to share with you more...
  • Learn to Cross Stitch- Morris Masterclass Series

    Learn to Cross Stitch- Morris Masterclass Series

    Cross Stitch is a counted form of embroidery that uses a single repetitive stitch in the shape of an X. It is stitched onto a piece of fabric with an even and open weave, often either Aida cloth or Linen. It is the easiest form of embroidery to learn and something you can teach to kids once they are confident with counting.
  • Cushion Assembly

    Cushion Assembly

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    After many peaceful hours of stitching a tapestry, you will want to display your work proudly, in the best way possible. We believe that turning your finished masterpieces into cushions is one of the best ways and offer a cushion assembly service to make sure your needlework is beautifully shown off. It’s amazing how a flat tapestry can be transformed into a stunning three-dimensional cushion....
  • Vegan yarn and craft options- Happy World Vegan Day

    We often get asked in store what is vegan yarn and which of our yarns are vegan? Many yarns are either fully or partially made of animal fibers such as wool or alpaca and therefore not vegan. Yarns that are vegan are made from 100% plant or man made fibers such as cotton, bamboo, linen, and acrylic. We have quite a number of vegan...
  • Welcome to the new Morris & Sons Blog

    Welcome to the new Morris & Sons Blog

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    A new website needs a new and improved blog! We are going to be posting a variety of tips, tricks, tutorials, and patterns, so watch this space. If there's any ideas you would like to share with us please just let us know. 
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