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Recording the Seasons with Temperature Blankets


If you've just stumbled upon the magical world of temperature blankets, you're not alone—I'm right there with you!

I first heard of this trend in Dec 2023 when a customer came  into our Sydney store on the hunt for that perfect shade to complete her year long project. A quick scroll through Instagram opened my eyes to a vibrant trend that has been inspiring crafters for quite some time now.

And who better to guide us through this colourful adventure than our very own Maddy?

Meet Maddy:

Maddy, a brilliant design graduate and an indispensable part of our Melbourne team, is the genius behind our latest creation—the Morris and Sons Temperature Blanket Kit. With an authentic love for all things craft, especially embroidery and knitting, loves sharing her passion for all things textile with our Morris and Sons customers.

As the Education and Events Coordinator, she brings our classes and events to life, continuously inspiring us with her super-fun and awe-inspiring creations.


Lorraine and Maddy chat about the weather….!

Lorraine: Can you tell us exactly what a temperature blanket is and why it's a great project for our customers?

Maddy: A temperature blanket is a year-long record of daily temperatures, where each day's weather dictates the colours for each row or granny square. The versatility of this project allows crafters to personalise it with historical weather records or special stitches for significant moments.

Lorraine: What inspired you to start your own temperature blanket?

Maddy: A few years ago, I was captivated by the idea that external factors, like daily temperatures, could shape the design. Unlike my usual tendency to over-plan, the surprise element of a temperature blanket lets me unwind and go with the creative flow.

Lorraine: Your project involves two locations—Melbourne and Ottawa, Canada. What's the story behind that?

Maddy: In true Maddy style, I'm taking on two blankets simultaneously—a knitted version capturing Melbourne's essence and a crocheted one in Avalon, representing my hometown, Ottawa. The crocheted version allows me to record both daily highs and lows, adding an extra layer of data and a fascinating interaction of colours.

Lorraine: Is it challenging to stay consistent with such a long-term project, given life's distractions?

Maddy: So far, so good with the knitted version. While I initially planned to work on it daily, I've found that doing a few rows at once is more enjoyable. Establishing a daily routine of recording highs and lows in my notebook keeps me organised for the next creative burst.

Lorraine: Is the Morris & Sons Crochet Temperature pattern beginner-friendly?

Maddy: Absolutely!The Baby Dot pattern is based on a customer favourite. The personal throw size is manageable and travel-friendly. I've even included a guide with dots for temperature ranges, making it easy for beginners to join in the fun.

Two granny square samples with colour options

Lorraine: Why did you choose Avalon for our kit?

Maddy: Avalon's softness and drape, whether knit or crocheted, makes it the ideal choice for blankets. And let's not forget its extensive colour range, which made the colour way selection an absolute joy.

Lorraine: What's the inspiration behind the colour palettes?

Maddy: On a personal note, I associate specific colours with people in my life, and I channel those connections into the blankets. My hope is that our customers find inspiration in these combinations and share in the excitement as the colours unfold throughout the year.



Ready to embark on your temperature blanket journey?

We have curated four starter kits to get your blanket going, as you work through the year you will need to top up on extra colours as we have no way to predict the future!!

Find our pattern bundles here >> Morris and Sons 2024 Crochet Temperature Blanket


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