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Wednesdays Wrap Up Special Rowan Edition- Shadow, Shade & Starlet

Shadow, Shade & Starlet


This week we thought we would look at a few of our favourite Rowan patterns that are perfect for Spring/Summer. We find we love to wear knitted tops even in the warmer months (or not so warm as this Summer is currently in parts of Southern Australia), we also love to knit or crochet tops! They can be quicker to make without the addition of big long sleeves and are perfect to play with colour and texture. Both Shadow and Shade are tops that you will get so much wear out of all year round. We also love the Starlet Shawl that we can dress up or down and and wear elegantly around our shoulders as the day cools off. Here is a look at both the original Rowan yarns recommended for these patterns as well as an alternative you can use. 

If you need more assistance with yarn choices or quantities please contact one of our stores where our helpful and knowledgeable staff will be on hand!

Shadow by Georgia Farrell 

Shadow by Georgia Farrell

Knitted entirely in the ever popular Felted Tweed, this classic t-shirt sweater uses three contrasting colours and combines both intarsia and texture details. Worked mainly in stocking stitch, with one panel of reverse stocking stitch, this sweater also features raglan sleeves and a wider hem to create a casual, boxy silhouette.

Rowan Felted Tweed

Felted Tweed is perfect in this t-shirt because of the drapey, squishable fabric that is cosy, but light and easy to wear. If you want to choose your own colour combination there is a huge range and you can choose from nature-inspired shades ranging from cool watery tones to warming cherry red and fiery ginger and prepare to fall in love!

Manos Milo

Milo is a good alternative to use in this t-shirt because it has a similar thickness to Felted Tweed and is a bit of a thin 8ply, almost like a 6ply yarn. It is a blend of merino and linen and we find that the unique blend gives Milo a rustic yet elegant look, with its raw fibres and almost metallic shine. We love the drape of the finished fabric and think it would be beautiful in the Shadow t-shirt. Please remember when you are substituting yarns to always check your tension. 

Please click here to look at the Shadow Pattern or a kit in the original colourway.

Shade by Emma Wright

Shade by Emma Wright

Designed by Emma Wright, this elegant sleeveless top is crocheted in the ever popular Cotton Glace. Using a mixture of doubles and trebles, the delicate lace stitchwork creates a geometric diamond pattern across the whole design that is lightweight and perfect for the Summer months. Shade is part of Rowan Magazine 71 which features lovely other Spring and Summer garments and accessories. 

Rowan Cotton Glace

Cotton Glace is spun with a high twist for incredible stitch definition. There is a large colour range from brights to pastels and neutrals making it perfect to fit into anyone's wardrobe. The slight sheen created by the mercerised cotton is makes this a hard-wearing properties yet surprisingly soft yarn.

Manos Serena 

Another option for the Shade Top is Serena, a gorgeous blend of baby alpaca and pima cotton. These two luxurious Peruvian fibres give Serena the best of both words: the elasticity of animal fibres, that make it super nice to knit, and the fresh touch of cotton, plus the extraordinary softness of both fibres. The mix of fibres and the hand dyeing process give Serena a soft heather colour effect, just like stone washed denim. It will drape nicely in this crocheted top and create a version that is very soft and comfortable to wear. Please remember when you are substituting yarns to always check your tension.

Please click here to look at Rowan Magazine 71.

Starlet by Martin Storey

Starlet by Martin Storey

This eye-catching shawl by Martin Storey really does have the wow factor! Stripes of lace are worked in three dazzling shades of Kidsilk Haze, knitted lengthwise to create the bold horizontals lines. Starlet is a part of Rowan Magazine 72 which features many more stunning patterns designed with Kidsilk Haze. 

Rowan Kidsilk Haze

The ever-popular Kidsilk Haze combines the soft halo of super kid mohair with the vibrant shine of silk in one incredible yarn that is loved by knitters the world over. With 36 new colours of Kidsilk Haze having just arrived, there are so many beautiful colour combinations that can be made for this shawl. 

Bouton d'Or Lyre

Lyre is a great alternative for the Starlet Shawl. Lyre is crafted of the finest mohair brushed to enhance its appearance even more. Also threaded throughout each strand is a slender light gold lame thread for subtle shimmer. Lyre gives this shawl a dressy touch that suits both special and casual occasions. Please remember when you are substituting yarns to always check your tension.

We hope you enjoyed this round up of some of the popular patterns online now! Let us know below if there is a pattern you would like some yarn recommendations for and we can add it to future weeks!

Please click here to look at Rowan Magazine 72.

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