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Wednesdays Wrap Up- ARNE & CARLOS Christmas Balls 2022, Christmas Bauble & Noel Rabbit


ARNE & CARLOS Christmas Balls 2022, Christmas Bauble & Noel Rabbit

Here are our favourite patterns this week. We are in the full swing of creating Christmas decorations. We are loving both the knitted balls from ARNE & CARLOS as well as the bright crocheted ones from Carmen Heffernan. We are also slightly obsessed with how cute little Noel Rabbit is by Elena Alexeeva and plan to gift little fluffy Noels to all of our friends.

Just a reminder that the patterns are not available on our site so will need to be purchased and/or downloaded from elsewhere but we will provide a link. If you need more assistance with yarn choices or quantities please contact one of our stores where our helpful and knowledgeable staff will be on hand!


Christmas Balls 2022 by ARNE & CARLOS

ARNE & CARLOS Christmas Balls 2022

The ARNE & CARLOS new Christmas Balls for 2022 are here! These balls can be done as an advent calendar or at your own leisure. The pattern includes a basic pattern to make 24 Christmas Ball designs. This year, they have included a bonus pattern for a knitted and felted heart which will look lovely on the tree, together with the Christmas Balls.

Our top choice for these is Rowan Norwegian, which is the yarn that ARNE & CARLOS use for their Christmas Balls and they have even designed the colours in the range. Inspired by traditional Norwegian patterning, these classic bold colours in 8ply make the perfect traditional Christmas decorations.

If you would prefer to make slightly larger Christmas Balls or even bright coloured ones, Morris Estate 14ply will be the perfect yarn to use. There are traditional colours available as well if you would like to stick to matching the pattern. You will just want to adjust your needle size up to accomodate the larger yarn.

For a link to the pattern and all yarn possibilities please click here.


Christmas Bauble by Carmen Heffernan

Crochet Christmas Bauble

Make your own crochet Christmas Baubles this year with this beautiful free pattern. Carmen made her decorative baubles in cotton 5ply yarn, but the pattern is suitable for light 8ply yarns as well. If you would like to substitute for a different yarn thickness just match your hook to your yarn.

Our top yarn choice for these baubles is Rowan Cotton Glace. We love the high gloss of the mercerised cotton as well as its high twist for incredible stitch definition. Bright shades also make it perfect for these Christmas Baubles that will hang nicely from any Australiana inspired tree. 

Another great option is Morris Avalon 4ply pima cotton. With Avalon's impressive 49 shade colour range you will be able to match these crocheted baubles to any Christmas decoration colour palette. Avalon will also lend a matte finish to your baubles, in comparison to the sheen of Cotton Glace.

For a link to the pattern and all yarn possibilities please click here.


Noel Rabbit by Elena Alexeeva

Noel Rabbit

The Noel Rabbit is a very sweet knitted Christmas decoration and a little symbol of the coming year 2023, the year of the rabbit. It is a free pattern and can easily be customised to be larger or smaller based on the yarn you choose with an adjustment in needle size.

Rowan Kid Classic is a 10ply / aran weight yarn, with a super-light feel, and a beautiful blend of  lambswool, mohair and just a little bit of polyamide. It will make the softest, fluffiest little Noel Rabbits and is available in traditional rabbit shades as well as bright colours for a fun pop of colour. 

If you want to make a slightly larger Noel Rabbit, the Morris Maya 14ply Baby Alpaca will be perfect and still knit up nice and soft and fluffy. You have both neutral shades to choose from as well as nice earthy and bright tones. 

For a link to the pattern and all yarn possibilities please click here.

We hope you enjoyed this round up of some of the popular patterns online now! Let us know below if there is a pattern you would like some yarn recommendations for and we can add it to future weeks!

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