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All About Socks


Let’s Talk About Knitting Socks!

There is nothing more important than keeping your feet warm. Knitting a pair of socks is highly satisfying and a super fun project! Let’s explore some of our favourite yarns, patterns and techniques to inspire your next sock project and to keep your toes snug.


Why We Love Knitting Socks

Why do we love knitting socks? They are a portable project perfect for travel and an essential for winter. Hand-knitted socks also make wonderful gifts for your loved ones and yourself!

Our Popular Sock Yarns

We recommend choosing yarns with a blend of natural fibres like merino wool and synthetic fibres like nylon for added strength and durability. These blends offer the perfect balance of softness and resilience, making them ideal for everyday wear. Each of our yarn brands offer unique qualities, making them suitable for different preferences and sock-knitting projects. 

Regia: Regia is our most popular sock yarn brand, celebrated for its durability and extensive range of colours and patterns. Among the favourites are Regia Colour 4ply, Regia Classic 4ply, and Regia Design Line 4ply.

Manos del Uruguay: Manos sock yarns typically blend merino wool with polyamide, offering both softness and durability, perfect for cozy, long-lasting socks. Alegria and Alegria Grande are our most popular yarns from our Manos range.

Urth Yarn: Urth Yarns are known for their vibrant colourways, sustainability and unique dyeing techniques, making each pair of socks a work of art. We love their self-striping sock kits for adults and kids as a fun addition for you and your little ones.


Rowan: Rowan is known for its premium yarns and its sock yarns are no exception. They often feature blends of merino wool, cashmere and nylon, ensuring a soft yet strong fabric. Our Rowan Sock yarn is a blend of wool and polyamide, ensuring style and durability.

Patons: Patons is a trusted brand in the knitting community, known for its high-quality and affordable sock yarns. The Patonyle Artistry 4ply yarn stands out as a favourite. This yarn is loved for its hand-dyed shades and its soft yet durable blend of merino and nylon.

Morris Empire 8-10ply: For those cooler evenings, consider using Empire 8-10ply yarn, made from 100% Australian Merino. This yarn is perfect for creating plush, thick socks that keep your feet warm and cozy. Have you ever considered knitting with a thicker ply? The results are delightful and create comfortable socks that you won’t want to take off. Many of our customers love the added warmth and coziness that thicker ply yarns provide.

Schoppel Wolle: Schoppel offers innovative yarns that are perfect for sock knitting. Their signature yarn, Zauberball is famous for its long colour repeats and gradient effects, creating a stunning pair of socks.

Tools and Techniques We Love

When it comes to sock knitting, the right tools can make all the difference in achieving a seamless and enjoyable knitting experience.

Circular needles and double-pointed needles (DPNs) are the go-to choices for most sock knitters. Circular needles are favoured for their ease in creating the round shape of socks, while DPNs are loved for their versatility in handling intricate patterns and heel turns.

For those who enjoy a more streamlined approach, using the Magic Loop technique with a long circular needle can be a game-changer, allowing you to knit both socks at once and avoid second sock syndrome.

Explore our range of needles here! 

Toe Up vs Cuff Down

When it comes to knitting socks, two popular methods often spark debate: knitting from the cuff down and knitting from the toe up. Each method has its enthusiasts — with cuff-down knitters appreciating the traditional approach and toe-up knitters enjoying the customisable fit and efficient use of yarn.

Our Katoomba store manager Kat swears by the toe-up method for knitting socks. This technique allows for better customisation of fit and makes it easier to use up every last bit of your precious yarn.

However, many knitters prefer the cuff-down method for its straightforward construction and the traditional heel flap and gusset, which provides a snug fit. Cuff-down sock knitting offers a reliable and time-tested process that many knitters find both enjoyable and practical.

Ultimately, whether you choose the cuff-down or toe-up method, the best approach to sock knitting depends on your personal preferences and what you find most enjoyable.

Ready to start your own pair? Join the Sock Knitting Community!

Many of the staff at Morris & Sons have a pair of socks on the needles at all times. It’s a wonderful ongoing project that brings joy and satisfaction with every stitch.

Explore our range of sock yarns, books and patterns here! 

We also offer Learn to Knit Socks classes in our Sydney, Melbourne and now Katoomba stores! Book via our website to secure your spot and start your sock knitting journey today.

Happy knitting!

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