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  • Knitting Lingo

    At the beginning or end of knitting patterns there is always an abbreviation section, telling you the meaning of terms used in the pattern such as ssk (slip, slip, knit) or k2tog (knit two together) but knitting enthusiasts have a whole other language of terms you might overhear that aren’t clearly defined in patterns. Here is a little story to show you how these...
  • To Swatch or Not to Swatch?

    To Swatch or Not to Swatch?

    This article will help inform you of the reasons to knit a swatch and teach you how to knit one as well as how to modify your tension if it isn’t quite as “perfect” as you had hoped.
  • A Guide to KnitPro Knitting Needles

    A Guide to KnitPro Knitting Needles

    Here at Morris & Sons, we love our KnitPro needles! Offering straight, double-pointed, circular and interchangeable varieties in an array of different materials, there's a needle to suit every project! However, when faced with such an extensive range, choosing the appropriate needle for the task at hand can be a daunting process, so we thought it might be helpful to offer a guide to the...
  • What needles do I need to knit socks?

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    In the world of sock knitting there are many different needle options to choose from. We like to recommend an array of sizes as well as types of needles depending on the knitter’s project and personal knitting style.  Generally we recommend metal needles for socks; KnitPro Nova or KnitPro Zing are both great options. Although you can get the wooden KnitPro Symfonie needles in...
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