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Manos Fino Miniskeins


Fino miniskeins are like little boxes of yarn jewels. And while they are beautiful to look at, you might be wondering what you do with such a small amount of each colour. A miniskein box allows you to play with numerous colours of Fino at once. They make perfect gifts as well as are the perfect special yarn for gift knitting.

You can even package your completed knit back in the little box and include the swing tag with a little information about the wonderful fairtrade company Manos del Uruguay. Read our blog here to learn more about Manos del Uruguay.

      Fino Miniskein FM 21 Yvette Manos Fino Minisekin FM 22 Zelda Manos Fino Miniskein FM8 Henrietta

In each box of mini skeins there are 5 x 20g skeins and a total of 450m, the same meterage as a full skein of Fino. This amount knits up perfectly on its own as an accessory. It will make a hat, scarf, small shawl, or even a pair of mittens in either a striped or stranded colourwork pattern. They are also the perfect size to knit colourful baby clothes or add in pops of colour for a child’s jumper, such as a fairisle yoke. I have also seen customers use them as accents in an adult jumper, usually as details at the cuffs and neck while keeping the body a solid colour.

Another way we love to use the miniskeins is by using them with a complementary full skein of Fino to make a larger shawl or other colourwork project. Fino has a large palette of neutral and softer tones as well as bright colours, so the choice is yours which you would like to feature. Selecting a neutral full skein of Fino allows the miniskeins to pop, or you can knit the reverse and choose a brighter full skein and a more subdued miniskein box. A miniskein set could even possibly be used as the accent colour in the current Stephen West MKAL, Twists and Turns! There is certainly enough meterage in a set but it would take a little leap of faith to use your set this way. Perfect for those wanting to add even more mystery to their knit-along. 

Here are some of our favourite patterns that feature using either a single miniskein box or using a box with a full skein of Fino.


The Amelia Hat Pattern

Amelia colourwork hat knit in Manos Fino Miniskein set

The Amelia Hat, a free pattern designed by Lisa R. Myers features bright stranded colourwork against a neutral background. With only two colours used per row, it is a good introduction to colourwork for an intermediate or adventurous beginner knitter. The bottom ribbing is double hemmed which gives a nice little pop of colour at the hem as well as making it very soft, squishy, and warm. We advise you choose a miniskein set with a lot of contrast to really show off the colourwork. The free pattern is available here.  


The Pirouette Cowl Patern 

Pirouette Cowl

The Pirouette Cowl, another free pattern by the Fairmount Fibers Design Team is a great introduction into helical knitting. Helical knitting is a colourwork striping technique to avoid a jog where you change colour. The cowl is knit in a spiral to avoid that jog with unused colours carried up the inside of the work rather than having to reattach them at each stripe. This cowl will be beautiful with any miniskein kit, low or high contrast and makes a great gift knit or pattern to include with a miniskein as a gift for the knitters in your life. The free pattern is available here.

Pirouette Cowl


The Nilla Baby Dress pattern

Nilla Dress

This sweet little baby dress  designed by Sanne Bjerregaard is the perfect use for a box of miniskeins. One box will make at least the 6 month size, as photographed here with only bobbles around the middle rather than throughout the whole skirt of the dress. You can also play with some colour blocking or striping in the skirt of the dress. For larger sizes, a miniskein box can knit the striped bodice and bobbles of the dress while another 4ply can be added in to knit the skirt. Perfect for using up scraps of leftover yarn you have at home. The free pattern is available here. *


The Fino Shadow Shawl pattern

Fino Shadow Shawl

The Fino Shadow Shawl, a larger version of the Serena Shadow Shawl, is a beautiful example of using a miniskein set with a complimentary full skein of Fino. The shawl is knit by striping the main colour of Fino in a two row repeat with big colour blocks of each colour in the miniskein set. With small lace details at the edges and down the centre it is beautiful while also being quite relaxing to knit. The free pattern is available here. 

          Fino Shadow Shawl


The Litmus Cowl apttern

Litmus Cowl
Image © Amy Florence Edwards Green

The Litmus Cowl by Amy Florence Edwards Green is a basic recipe for a fun striped cowl and the perfect use of one full skein of Fino with a miniskein box. The designer uses 24 5g mini skeins for her accent colours but you can easily use the 5 20g Fino miniskeins in their place and have fun choosing where to place each colour’s stripes. This cowl makes for relaxing knitting and is the perfect project to travel with or pick up when you need a bit of mindfullness with colour play. The free pattern is available here.*


We hope these patterns have inspired you to play with colour! Please share in the comments below your favourite way to knit a Fino Miniskein set or your favourite colourway!

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