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A Guide to KnitPro Knitting Needles


Here at Morris & Sons, we love our KnitPro needles! Offering straight, double-pointed, circular and interchangeable varieties in an array of different materials, there's a needle to suit every project! However, when faced with such an extensive range, choosing the appropriate needle for the task at hand can be a daunting process, so we thought it might be helpful to offer a guide to the different materials available, and when to use them.

 The Symfonie Range  

The Symfonie is possibly KnitPro's most iconic range. Layers of coloured birch plywood give Symfonie needles their striking rainbow appearance, and the lacquered finish ensures a smooth knitting experience, with enough grip to keep stitches comfortably on the needle. This makes them a great choice for beginners and those with looser tension, or for working with fine or slippery wool. The natural warmth and flexibility of wood means Symfonie needles are gentle on hands and wrists. Please note, wooden needles below 3mm become increasingly fragile, and require gentle handling. Symfonie needles are available in all styles and sizes, across our stores.

KnitPro Symfonie interchangeable knitting needle set


The Bamboo Range

The Bamboo range of KnitPro needles have a similar handle to the Symfonie, however the slightly more textural finish provides a surface with added grip. The blonde wood allows excellent contrast with yarn of most shades, helpful for complex patterning, and for those of us with varying degrees of vision impairment. The Bamboo range is only available in interchangeable tips, across all our stores.

The Cubics Range

The Cubics range offers a somewhat unique knitting experience. Made of laminated birch plywood, the needles have a square cross section. This ergonomic design is excellent for anyone whose hands suffer from the cramps and fatigue that traditional needles can cause. As an added bonus, we have found that Cubics give a beautifully even tension, making them perfect for any project with large areas of plain knitting. We stock the Cubics range in interchangeable, DPN and straight varieties.

KnitPro Cubics interchangeable knitting needle set


The Basix Range

The Basix range, as the name suggests, is a functional and affordable alternative to other ranges in the KnitPro family. Birch Basix needles are extremely lightweight, making them ideal for chunkier, heavier yarns that can be hard on hands. Available in straights as well as fixed circulars, we carry them in sizes ranging from 3.50mm up to an impressive 35.00mm! The needle tips of the fixed circulars are longer than the interchangeable needle tips in other ranges which, especially in the larger sizes, makes the Basix much easier to hold. Aluminium Basix needles are solid Aluminium with a grey anodized finish, which keeps them warmer in your hands than most metal needles, while still being very sturdy. We stock only the straight needles in this range, in 25cm and 30cm lengths.

The Nova Range 

Nova needles are a hollow brass needle with a nickel coating. These needles are beautifully smooth to work with and especially suited to those with a tighter tension, as the yarn slips off the needle with ease. They are pointy, without being sharp, allowing easy entry into each stitch. Nova needles also make that very satisfying, characteristic click, announcing your industrious activities to everybody within earshot! We have these needles in Interchangeable, DPN's and fixed circulars of different lengths, starting at the tiny 25cm circular needles for socks and sleeves, and including 40cm, 60cm and 80cm.

The Zing Range 

Zing needles are solid Aluminium which makes them a little heavier than the Nova needles. They have a beautiful coloured coating that relates to the size as well as having the size printed on the needle. They are beautiful and smooth to knit with and allow for great speed when knitting. We stock these needles in interchangeable, DPN's , straights and some 80cm fixed circulars

Karbonz are knitting needles at their most technologically advanced! Made from carbon fibre, these needles are strong enough to withstand the tightest of tensions. Metal tips ensure a perfectly defined point, and the smooth transition of stitch from needle to needle. Carbon fibre is very lightweight, so these needles  are gentle on shoulders and arms. We stock these in Straight, Interchangeable and DPN varieties, with the DPN's going down to a minuscule 1mm!

KnitPro Karbonz interchangeable knitting needle set


Interchangeable needle sets

KnitPro also offer interchangeable needle sets across all their ranges. Sets are an excellent option for those starting out on their circular knitting journey, as well as for the more experienced among us, who may wish to expand their needle collection! We stock a number of different options, ranging from introductory sets containing 3 pairs of needle tips in popular sizes, to more comprehensive sets that contain a selection of sizes, from 3mm to 8mm. Cables of different lengths, and a variety of other accessories are included in each set. So with Christmas fast approaching, now is the time to start dropping subtle hints to family and friends who don't know what to give you!

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  • Posted on by Marilyn Sneddon
    I bought the Karbonz set of KnitPro needles just prior to the second Melbourne lockdown. While I am delighted that they are also interchangeable with KnitPicks circular needles and cables, I am disappointed that the sizes wear off the needles very quickly. I knit a lot and am also disappointed that the tips have worn very quickly e.g. the colour has changed. having said that, they are comfortable to use and the variety of sizes is good. I think that for this price it would be good if a pouch was provided rather than a bulky box.
  • Posted on by colleen moran
    i have owned these needles foe 20 years and love love them have bought extra heads in wood and bamboo i do a lot os low ply knitting . would recommend these to anyone as the set is special .colleen moran

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