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Brand Highlight: Rowan


We love Rowan for the quality of their yarns as well as their timeless pattern designs. Rowan yarns can be styled into both classic knit and crochet wear as well as more modern, on trend pieces. Here is a little bit more about one of our favourite brands at Morris & Sons. 

The history of Rowan

Rowan started life above a grocery store near Huddersfield, UK in 1978 and they have remained in and around Yorkshire for over 40 years. The name Rowan is inspired by the shrubs on the banks of the Holme River and the leaves of those shrubs have always played a part in their logo. They began specialising in weaving supplies and knitting kits before branching out into yarn production. Their founders, Stephen Sheard and Simon Cockin were focused from the beginning on producing yarns from an array of natural fibres in a paintbox colour palette. Their first yarn, Lightweight DK, was available in 98 shades and that dedication to a wearable colour palate has always been important to Rowan. 

In addition to creating beautiful yarns, Rowan has focused on contemporary pattern design since its early days. After having huge success with a collaboration with Kaffe Fassett on a mail order knitting kit in 1983, they began publishing their widely popular twice-yearly magazine in 1986. The magazines are beautifully printed on high quality paper and now have a cult following and have become collector’s items. We love the look of Magazine 70, Rowan's special jubilee edition, and are so excited for the Platinum collection with all of the sparkly knits that can be dressed up or down. 

Lazurite Knitting Pattern from Rowan Magazine 70

In addition to Kaffe, Rowan's influential designers today include Martin Storey, Dee Hardwick, Lisa Richardson, ARNE & CARLOS and more. They are focused on helping promote younger designers as well and their newest designer Georgia Farrell has a beautiful and vibrant accessories collection in Magazine 70 named Vivid. Georgia's accessory book, My London, has been very popular at Morris & Sons and we can't wait to see her new designs. 

Inclusion, diversity, and sustainability are at the forefront of Rowan’s values, and they make sure they reuse or recycle materials wherever possible. They are constantly evaluating their policies to improve their contribution to an environmentally, sustainable society. Recently they have added sizes to all their new patterns to be more inclusive and provide a better fit for everyone. Their women's size range is now to fit size of 28" to 62". Rowan is also committed to the excellent care of animals and only work with wool suppliers who can guarantee their wool is mulesing-free. 

We have many favourite Rowan yarns here and love the versatility of their yarn range for our warmer and cooler months. Big Wool and Brushed Fleece are ever popular for their ability to knit or crochet quickly and cosy warmth. Cotton Cashmere and Creative Linen are perfect transitional season yarns that can be worn from Spring through to Autumn. And of course, Felted Tweed and its big brother Felted Tweed Aran are two of Rowan’s most recognisable and popular yarns, perfect for everything from garments to homewares and perfect for playing with colour with so many shades produced. Rowan's latest yarn, Felted Tweed Colour, is a yarn I am very excited to see from our latest delivery. It is the same tried and true Felted Tweed yarn dyed in 8 tonal gradients. It will be perfect for subtle colour changing fair isle and any other project you would like to give an ombre effect to. 

We would love to hear what you love about Rowan in the comments below!

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