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Wednesdays Wrap Up- Granny Hexi Stocking, Drawing Sweater & Bear Paw Socks

Granny Hexi Stocking, Drawing Sweater & Bear Paw Socks


Here are our favourite patterns this week. We are making a start on Christmas decorations, as well as planning some winter knits that we can have ready to wear next year! Just a reminder that the patterns are not available on our site so will need to be purchased and/or downloaded from elsewhere but we will provide a link. If you need more assistance with yarn choices or quantities please contact one of our stores where our helpful and knowledgeable staff will be on hand!


Granny Hexi Stocking by Kaitlin Barthold



The Granny Hexi Crochet Stocking is a fun and festive Christmas stocking pattern shaped from crochet hexagons!

For this pattern, it is recommended to use a non-superwash, 10ply wool yarn. This is so that we can gently ‘felt’ the stocking to create a dense fabric that will hold its shape when hanging.

Manos Maxima is our favourite option as it is a non-superwash and single ply yarn that will easily begin to felt together after crocheted and available in a beautiful colour range. 

Morris Norway 10ply is our next choice because it will also felt nicely. It is available in nice neutral shades that would make a lovely monochromatic stocking. 

Another option is Rowan Felted Tweed Aran but it has been pre-felted and most likely won't felt much further. It would still make a beautifully stocking that could hold lighter weight items. 

For a link to the pattern and all yarn possibilities please click here.

Drawing Sweater by Tomomi Yoshimoto


 Our staff are in love with this colourwork sweater by Tomomi Yoshimoto and already planning a few different colour combinations to knit in time for next Winter! The sweater is knit in the round  in a 5-6ply or sport weight yarn which is great for our climate.

 Felted Tweed, while technically an 8ply is actually a little thin and would work perfectly in the Drawing Sweater. The colour selection is outstanding with many options of different shades in the same colour family.

Another great yarn option is Felted Tweed Colour, the sister to Felted Tweed and a stunning gradient yarn with smooth gentle transitions between shades. It would be fantastic in this colourwork sweater and could even take the place of using two contrast colours.

For a more transeasonal version we love the idea of using Milo, a gorgeous single ply merino and linen blend. The linen unique nature gives Milo a rustic yet elegant look, with its raw fibres and almost metallic shine. It is also a very thin 8ply, closer to a sport weight yarn and would work well in this sweater. 

Our final recommendation is Bluebell 5 ply which has been knitted in Australia for over 90 years and is still going strong! It is our choice for a machine washable & durable Drawing Sweater.

For a link to the pattern and all yarn possibilities please click here.

Bear Paw Socks by Andrea Mowry

The Bear Paw Socks are an 8ply, or DK weight version of Andrea Mowry's most popular sock pattern - DRK Everyday Socks. She has jazzed them up by marling yarns, but this pattern works equally as well with 2 strands of fingering weight held together, or sub in a single strand of 8ply! These socks are knit from the toe up and sized for the whole family!

Our top pick for a single strand of this yarn is Manos Alegria Grande. While technically considered a 10ply or Worsted weight yarn, we knit it up in 8ply sock patterns and even teach with it in our sock classes. If you are based in Melbourne and would like to come along to one of our workshops and learn how to make socks please click here to make a booking.

If you would like to marl two strands together we love the idea of using Regia Premium Merino Yak, which already has a marled look and will lend itself very nicely to two colours being held double. 

We would also love to make a tweed version of the Bear Paw Socks with Regia Tweed 4ply held in two strands. Please remember that this yarn is sold in 50gm balls and you will need at least two to make an average size pair of socks. 

For a link to the pattern and all yarn possibilities please click here.

We hope you enjoyed this round up of some of the popular patterns online now! Let us know below if there is a pattern you would like some yarn recommendations for and we can add it to future weeks!

If you are making any project using our yarn please remember to tag us on social media #morrisandsons.

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