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LovaFur Vegan Faux Fur PomPoms


We are very excited to have just received a delivery of the super lush and fluffy Vegan Faux Fur PomPoms from LovaFur in Austria. LovaFur is a family company that has specialised in the production of faux fur since 2013. Each pompom is lovingly made by hand in a wide range of both classic and seasonal colours.

These pompoms are the perfect addition to your knit or crochet beanies. From neutral tones to bold and bright colours there is a shade that will look good on every hat. We love their use in the Mode at Rowan: Beanie Style book which features six stylish knitted beanies each finished with a LovaFur faux fur pom pom. 

The poms are attached with a woven ribbon which is very easy to handle. This makes them much easier to attach rather than having to sew in a press button stud like other fur pompoms. Thanks to this attachment the pompoms can be easily changed and its possible to wear your pompom on several hats. A tip to keep your pompom sitting upright on your beanie rather than hanging sad and droopy is to sew a button into the inside of your hat that you can thread the ribbon through and tie around. 

In addition to beanies, faux fur pom poms make a stylish addition to a handbag, bottom of a scarf or even turned into a keyring.

They come in the traditional large size, ranging from 15 to 18cm in diameter as well as a mini 5cm size that comes in a set of four different colours. The MiniMi PomPom sets are available in either a pink set with a cream, beige, nude, and rose mini pompom or a blue set with a blue bell, dark blue, grey, and light grey mini pompom. These sets are great for kids or having fun attaching multiple pompoms to anything you can think of. 

Let us know in the comments below your favourite colour of the new pompoms and how you will be wearing them! 

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