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Pima and Egyptian Cotton

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Cotton growing before spun into knitting yarn

With summer in full swing throughout Australia we thought we would look at two of the main luxury types of cotton produced in the world. 


What are Pima and Egyptian Cottons?

Pima and Egyptian are two of the most prized cottons for all textiles. Morris & Sons Avalon yarn in 4ply, 8ply, and 10ply is made from 100% Peruvian Pima cotton and Rowan’s Summerlite 4ply and 8ply is made with Egyptian cotton. Both Pima and Egyptian are extra-long staple cotton’s with their fibres being longer than standard cotton. This makes for incredibly soft and strong yarn that is more resilient to pilling, tearing, and fraying. They are both from the same species of cotton, gossypium barbadense, with the largest difference between them the locations where they are grown. Egyptian Cotton is grown along the fertile River Nile and Pima Cotton is grown mostly in the Americas, both North and South.

Morris & Sons Avalon 8ply Cotton Knitting Yarn

Avalon’s Peruvian Pima cotton is unique to the region and has remarkable softness and brightness due to its extra long fibres of 42mm. It is often called "the Andean silk' due to this softness and lustre. In addition to softness and strength, the long fibres allow the cotton to hold dyes well and protect against fading that can happen quite quickly with other standard cottons. 


Why should you use cotton yarn?

Cotton yarn is hypoallergenic and an ideal choice for baby garments and blankets where a reaction to animal fibres is a concern. Cotton yarn is also very breathable which is why it's our choice for summer tops as long as you keep in mind its wonderful drape and therefore tendency to drop after it has been knit. To allow for this, cotton garments are often knitted shorter than intended and then will drop to the desired length. The firmness of crochet helps prevent that drop and makes cotton a perfect choice for crocheted garments as well as homewares. 

We have just received a full restock of all plys of Avalon yarn, ready and waiting for your next project! Share with us in the comments below what you plan to make next in cotton. 

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  • Posted on by Alison Stritch
    Your Melbourne store is my slice of heaven…..I LOVE visiting,but haven’t been to the city for a couple of years.I learned to knit when I was 5 years old,firstly winding the yarn round and round a needle,wondering why it didn’t GROW!!!I am now(can’t believe it)almost 80,and my love for yarn has never diminished.What a lifelong skill to teach someone.9Thank you for your beautiful emails,I need to live 2 lifetimes to do all I want.God bless you.

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