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100% Australian Merino Superfine Wool I Morris Empire


Made using the finest Australian Merino, our flagship yarn, Morris Empire is the one we are most proud of. After many years of development, the multiply construction gives both great stitch definition and a luxurious softness to any project.

Empire Merino Australian Knitting Yarn in Various Colours Stacked in 6 piles

Morris Empire comes in 2ply, 4ply, 8ply and 10ply and has nearly 60 different colours including 5 variegated colours and 5 twisted colours, all chosen by Australians for Australians. The gauge of the various plys are all standard and Empire can be used as a perfect substitute for other patterns you might have.

We love this yarn for baby garments and accessories as it is beautifully soft, is machine washable-always important for new mums!- and has stunning colours to match any nursery.

Barcelona Blanket draped on grey couch


The characteristics of Empire that are most loved by our customers are its second to none softness and the excellent drape it gives to any project. This makes it a natural choice for blankets which are made for snuggling under. Morris Empire is therefore the featured yarn for the Miami and Barcelona Blankets which have proved very popular since their launch last spring.

Its smooth texture also provides great stitch definition making it perfect for any textured patterns. The Window Pane Blanket shows off well how effective a simple knit and purl pattern can be in a yarn with great stitch definition.

Window Pane Baby Blanket Knit in Cornflower Blue Empire Australian Merino Yarn

In addition to blankets and baby items, Empire is perfect for any item of clothing that is going to be close to the skin. Often people who believe they can't tolerate standard wool because it is too rough or scratchy find Merino wool does not irritate their skin in the same way. The Enmore Cowl pattern knit in Empire 8ply is beautifully soft and squishy to wear around one's neck. Also lovely is the Easy Lace Scarf knit in Empire 2ply, a perfect light and airy addition to an all seasons wardrobe and comfortable to knit in the warmer weather!

Pink Garter Stitch Baby Jacket Knit in Empire 8ply Australian Merino Wool

Two garments that we love to knit in Empire are the Viola Cardigan for adults and the Garter Stitch Baby Jacket for any new addition in your life. The Garter Stitch Jacket is a fairly easy knit and a good pattern to make for one's first ever garment. One thing for beginner knitters to keep in mind is the softness of Empire is achieved partly through the style of its twist which can be a little looser than some other yarns. When knitting with this style of yarn extra care is needed to not split your knitting needles through the strands of the yarn.

We would love to hear in the comments below what you love about Empire and which projects you choose to make with it!

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