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Crochet Cotton Face Cloths

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A stack of crocheted face cloths in Morris & Sons Avalon 8ply cotton yarn

Crocheted cotton face cloths are a great project to always have on the go. Not only are they are compact and easy to travel with but they also make fantastic gifts and are always well received.

They are the first project I completed when I finally tried my hand at crocheting, having been a lifetime knitter up until that point. They are great for beginner’s because they provide the repetition needed to get the hang of crocheting and you end up with a completed project rather than just numerous test squares. Face cloths to this day are still my favourite way to test out a new stitch in either knitting or crochet or to trial different colour combinations for larger projects.

We have included our basic crocheted cotton face cloth pattern below using Avalon 8ply. 2 balls of the Avalon 8ply yarn will make 3 face cloths!

These cloths would also look great in the 10ply ombre cotton yarn, Sugar’n Cream. To use that yarn and this pattern simply increase your hook size to 4.5mm and then follow the pattern. Your cloth will be slightly larger than the original was intended, and you might not get quite 3 cloths out of 2 balls of a 10ply. You could also use the Avalon 10ply the same way with a 4.5mm hook and you would end up with a chunkier cloth. Sometimes people prefer a 10ply for dish cloths because they get more abrasion for scrubbing with the chunkier yarn.

Crochet Cotton Face Cloths

Material: 1 x 50g Morris and Sons Avalon 8 ply, 100% pima cotton
Needles: 4.00mm crochet hook
Other: Tapestry Needle
Abbreviations: CH – chain; HTR – half treble;

2CH turning CH counts as 1HTR.

With 4.00mm crochet hook CH 40.

  • Row 1: 1HTR in 3rd CH from the hook, work 1HTR in each CH. (38 sts, includes turning ch)
  • Row 2: CH2, 1HTR in each stitch across.
  • Rep row2 until you have worked a total of 25 rows. Do not fasten off.
  • LOOP
  • Make 20 CH.
  • Fasten off.
  • Fold down the crochet chain and fasten at the base of the chain to make a hanging loop.


Let us know in the comments below if you enjoy crocheting face cloths and what your favourite pattern is!

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