Fibre Facts With Rowan | Morris & Sons + Rowan Event | Online | Morris & Sons Australia


This event is hosted by David MacLeod, Rowan’s Brand Manager, in collaboration exclusively with Morris & Sons, this is an opportunity to hear about the Rowan Yarn collection and appreciate some of the inspiration behind Martin Story’s numerous collections and designs for Rowan.

David MacLeod is the man behind Rowan’s beautiful yarns. By his own admission, a fibre geek all his life, he now has the amazing job of sourcing, developing and bringing to the knitting world all of Rowan’s stunning yarns.

 Martin Storey is a world-renowned knitwear designer and has created countless iconic designs for Rowan over the years and is equally passionate about the yarns he designs with.

Join David and Martin as they talk through the Fibre Facts in the Rowan ranges and why they love working with them, focusing on many of Martin’s designs featuring these special yarns.

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