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French Knitting Bee - Yellow Bee
This cute French Knitting Bee comes with a bonus pom-pom maker for hours of fun. Contains a knitting bee, an awl and a pom-pom maker
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Pony French Knitter (60639)
French Knitter from Pony is a delightful and entertaining craft tool and an ideal way to teach children the basic principles of knitting. It is so easy to use that even elementary school children will be able to enthusiastically knit...
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Clover Wonder Knitter
The traditional spool knitter has come back in a revised, cute design! The Wonder Knitter is extremely easy to use and you’ll never get tired of knitting! The rotating disk makes knitting easy and fast. A variety of materials can...
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Knit Pro Knitting Dolly Passion Red
Knitting an i-cord is easy with this little french knitter doll. It’s a fun tool to teach knitting basics to kids.
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