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Wish List Help

What is “My Wish List”?
"My Wish List" is a convenient way for you to save a reminder of an item you would like to purchase later or an item that is not currently in stock. It can also act as a way to let friends and family know what you’re interested in for birthdays, holidays or special occasions.

Can anyone create a Wish List? What if I don’t have an account with Morris & Sons?
Anyone can create their own Wish List, but only registered users can save them between visits. If you have an account with us, your Wish List will automatically be saved for you to view any time you log in. If you are new to our site, you can create a temporary Wish List as you browse our Online Shop. If you’d like to save your Wish List before you leave, simply create an account and your items will be automatically transferred into your new account and saved for your next visit.

How do I let my friends and family know what’s on My Wish List?
If you’re a logged-in member, you can email your wish list to friends and family by visiting the My Wish List page. First, type in your friend’s name and email address. Second, customise the message that will be sent. (Be careful not to modify the URL provided or the recipient won’t be able to get into your Wish List!) Third, simply click "Continue" to send the email.

What’s the difference between My Wish List and a Gift Registry?
Unfortunately, once you have sent a link to your Wish List to your recipients, we cannot keep track of who has purchased items off your Wish List. If you have an account with Morris & Sons, we don’t want to give anyone but you access to that account. So although your friends can see a copy of what you have on your Wish List, and they can add items to their cart, they aren’t actually removing items from the master Wish List associated with your account. If you’re sending the list out to more than one person, make sure you let them know so they can coordinate gifts for you.

How do I add items to My Wish List?
To add an item to your Wish List, just click the "Add to Wish List" button for any item that interests you. The "Add to Wish List" button appears near the "Add to Cart" button on every product page.

How do I add notes to my Wish List?
Logged-in users have the ability to add notes to their Wish List items which will be visible to their friends and family. You might want to note that you need a certain quantity of an item (like knitting wool or threads), or you might want to have a reminder which project it’s for. Simply type your note in the text box provided on the My Wish List page and then click the "Update" button to save your notes.

How do I view My Wish List?
There is a link to My Wish List at the top of each page just below our header or you may simply click here.

Can I add "out-of-stock" items or "coming-soon items"?
Yes. You can add any item you choose to My Wish List.

How do I move My Wish List items to my Shopping Cart?
To move My Wish List items to the Shopping Cart, check the “Select” box next to any item you want to purchase. Then hit the "Add to Cart" button at the end of the product list. All of the items you checked will be moved to your Shopping Cart.

How do I remove items from My Wish List?
To remove items from the Wish List, check the "Select" box next to all of the items you would like to remove. Then hit the "Delete" button at the end of product list.