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Daylight 9watt PL Single U Tube

Our Code: 16970
Supplier Code: A13623

For use with model: Compact Lamp (A33050)

A daylight bulb simulates natural daylight, which allows you to view, detailed work and colours clearly. This has several advantages:

  • Perfect colour matching. They allow you to see colours in their true light, i.e. as if they were viewed under natural daylight. This includes threads, cottons, paints, paper, fabric, ink etc.
  • Reduced eye strain. Natural daylight is the healthiest light source for the eyes, therefore a daylight bulb is more relaxing to the eyes because it simulates the light outdoors.
  • Reduced glare. The soft white light eliminates any reflective glare off work.
  • Healthier vision. Tests show that daylight bulbs are kinder to the eyes than artificial light, this means work can be enjoyed for longer and there is less reason to worry about affecting your eyesight.

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