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Embroidery Sitting Stand

Our Code: 21133
Supplier Code: 305SKB

The Beechwood Embroidery Sitting Stand from Klass and Gessman is the perfect embroidery accessory.

The Sitting Stand unscrews into 3 parts - the base, the upright stand and the hoop (sold separately), making it perfect for travelling, using in small areas and/or for use every day. The Sitting Stand can sit on the table or be used under your leg on a chair or couch (sofa or lounge), while keeping your hands free to work and stitch.

This unique stand is used with a Beechwood Exchangeable Embroidery Hoop (sold separately).

Accessories available for this stand are:

166mm Embroidery Hoop    (29577)

215mm Embroidery Hoop    (29578)

250mm Embroidery Hoop    (29579)

305mm Embroidery Hoop    (29580)

Magnifier Glass attachment (29582)


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