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Chinese Calligraphy Cross Stitch Book

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From the publisher:

Chinese brush calligraphy is an ancient art comparable to a painting in its ability to evoke emotion through a variety of forms and designs. Chinese calligraphy is not only a practical tool of everyday living; it also comprises, along with traditional Chinese painting, the mainstream of China's art history. All kinds of people, from emperors to peasants, have avidly collected works of fine calligraphy. Calligraphic works are not just for making into scrolls or framing and hanging in a room; they are also to be found everywhere: in shops, on government office building signs, monuments, and stone inscriptions.

Regarded as the most abstract and sublime form of art in Chinese culture, calligraphy is often thought to be most revealing of one's personality. During the imperial era, calligraphy was used as an important criterion for selection of executives to the Imperial court. Unlike other visual art techniques, all calligraphy strokes are permanent and incorrigible, demanding careful planning and confident execution. Such are the skills required for an administrator / executive. While one has to conform to the defined structure of words, the expression can be extremely creative. To exercise humanistic imagination and touch under the faceless laws and regulations is also a virtue well appreciated. To the artist, calligraphy is a mental exercise that coordinates the mind and the body to choose the best styling in expressing the content of the passage. It is a most relaxing yet highly disciplined exercise indeed for one's physical and spiritual well-being. Historically, many calligraphy artists were well-known for their longevity.

PINN appreciates the beauty of highly respected art form language then creates cross stitch patterns of Chinese calligraphy for choices of needful gifts to express your best wishes in many occasions and important events of life to come. Chinese traditions and customs are important to us at PINN, we care and keep the true value of Chinese calligraphy by designing cross stitch patterns in shade of gold, the symbolic color to worth and wealth on the Chinese red fabric. In Chinese culture, red is the color of blood, symbolizes the positive aspects of life such as happiness, wealth, fame etc. Red is always associated with good luck. This PINN Chinese calligraphy cross stitch book includes 26 patterns with the highest artistic value to express meaningful good wishes for almost every occasion.

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