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Manos Cabrito Lace

Composition: 80% Kid Mohair, 20% Polyamide
Size: 25g hank
Length: 210m / 230yd
Recommended needle size: 3.25 - 4mm / US 4 - 6
Tension: 20-26st over 10cm
Washing instructions: Hand wash in cold water, dry flat
Made in: Uruguay

Cabrito is a laceweight kid mohair blend in beautiful space-dyed colors, from soft and subtle to bright and bold.  Use it by itself for a gossamer-light fabric, or pair it with any of our other yarns to add a soft halo and additional warmth.



Please note: The colour names given below are not official and are only provided as a guide. It's impossible to guarantee an accurate colour display for every computer monitor so if you're unsure, we recommend you visit our shop to inspect the wool personally.

  • Manos Cabrito Lace R5000 CincuentaManos Cabrito Lace R5000 Cincuenta
    R5000 Cincuenta
    210 available
  • Manos Cabrito Lace R9775 MarbleManos Cabrito Lace R9775 Marble
    R9775 Marble
    193 available
  • Manos Cabrito Lace R6506 PrimroseManos Cabrito Lace R6506 Primrose
    R6506 Primrose
    172 available
  • Manos Cabrito Lace R6966 TizaManos Cabrito Lace R6966 Tiza
    R6966 Tiza
    202 available
  • Manos Cabrito Lace R7056 AutumnManos Cabrito Lace R7056 Autumn
    R7056 Autumn
    212 available
  • Manos Cabrito Lace R7164 UltramarineManos Cabrito Lace R7164 Ultramarine
    R7164 Ultramarine
    177 available
  • Manos Cabrito Lace R7378 Sea SaltManos Cabrito Lace R7378 Sea Salt
    R7378 Sea Salt
    201 available
  • Manos Cabrito Lace R8931 WildflowersManos Cabrito Lace R8931 Wildflowers
    R8931 Wildflowers
    207 available
  • Manos Cabrito Lace R9089 HuaracheManos Cabrito Lace R9089 Huarache
    R9089 Huarache
    190 available
  • Manos Cabrito Lace R9275 ButternutManos Cabrito Lace R9275 Butternut
    R9275 Butternut
    191 available
  • Manos Cabrito Lace R9699 Locura FluoManos Cabrito Lace R9699 Locura Fluo
    R9699 Locura Fluo
    201 available