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Manos Marina Lace

Manos Marina Lace

Composition: 100% Superwash Wool
Size: 100g hank
Length: 800m / 874yd
Recommended needle size: 2.75mm / US 2
Tension: 32st over 10cm
Washing instructions: Hand wash in cold water, dry flat
Made in: Uruguay

Marina’s softness and drape feel wonderful next to the skin in scarves or shawls. It comes in tonal and space-dyed colorways and is made of superwash merino, which gives the colors beautiful depth. With 874 yards per skein, most projects only need one!



Please note: The colour names given below are not official and are only provided as a guide. It's impossible to guarantee an accurate colour display for every computer monitor so if you're unsure, we recommend you visit our shop to inspect the wool personally.

  • Manos Marina N6422 SangreManos Marina N6422 Sangre
    N6422 Sangre
    35 available
  • Manos Marina N6958 Grappe StainManos Marina N6958 Grappe Stain
    N6958 Grappe Stain
    60 available
  • Manos Marina N7165 ShantungManos Marina N7165 Shantung
    N7165 Shantung
    31 available
  • Manos Marina N6966 TizaManos Marina N6966 Tiza
    N6966 Tiza
    58 available
  • Manos Marina N8673 ApalachianManos Marina N8673 Apalachian
    N8673 Apalachian
    13 available
  • Manos Marina N8726 HoliManos Marina N8726 Holi
    N8726 Holi
    11 available
  • Manos Marina N9952 CalypsoManos Marina N9952 Calypso
    N9952 Calypso
    19 available
  • Manos Marina N7338 DenimManos Marina N7338 Denim
    N7338 Denim
    22 available
  • Manos Marina N0026 HuesoManos Marina N0026 Hueso
    N0026 Hueso
    58 available
  • Manos Marina N0030 PlomoManos Marina N0030 Plomo
    N0030 Plomo
    56 available
  • Manos Marina N0031 PiedraManos Marina N0031 Piedra
    N0031 Piedra
    39 available
  • Manos Marina N0027 PetrolManos Marina N0027 Petrol
    N0027 Petrol
    34 available
  • Manos Marina N0028 WasabiManos Marina N0028 Wasabi
    N0028 Wasabi
    44 available
  • Manos Marina N7593 Steampunk NEW!!!Manos Marina N7593 Steampunk NEW!!!
    N7593 Steampunk NEW!!!
    14 available
  • Manos Marina N0036 Lavanda NEW!!!Manos Marina N0036 Lavanda NEW!!!
    N0036 Lavanda NEW!!!
    20 available
  • Manos Marina N0037 Arboretum NEW!!!Manos Marina N0037 Arboretum NEW!!!
    N0037 Arboretum NEW!!!
    17 available
  • Manos Marina N6447 Rosa NEW!!!Manos Marina N6447 Rosa NEW!!!
    N6447 Rosa NEW!!!
    18 available